How Much is a Krugerrand Worth?

1-4-oz-gold-krugerrand-springbok-sideOne of the most common questions we get is "How much is a Krugerrand worth?" The value of a Krugerrand is based upon its gold content plus a premium. Different sizes of Krugerrand fetch different premiums, and price is also affected by such factors such as condition (uncirculated versus circulated) and special preparation, such as proof coins. From its inception in 1967, the 1 oz gold krugerrand was intended as a way to invest in gold. Although slightly heavier than one ounce (due to the copper alloy in the coin), each one contained exactly one ounce of fine gold. Bullion coins, such as the kruger, allow investors of all budgets to buy gold. When the fractal krugerrands (1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz) were introduced in 1980, they continued with marking the weight on the coin rather than the value. So the majority of a Krugerrand's value comes from the gold bullion content. To determine how much that is, you can check the current gold spot price. You can see the spot price for gold on our gold Krugerrand price page, or simply Google "Gold Spot Price".

Now that you know how much the gold content in your Krugerrand is worth, it's time to determine the premium, and then to decide if you believe the investment is worthwhile. All Krugerrands are sold with an a premium tacked on, which is for shipping, handling and mintage fees. You can read that as pretty much as "seller profit". There's nothing wrong with making a profit, just make sure to be an informed buyer so you know exactly what you are paying for. For example, the premium is higher on the fractal Krugerrands- with the 1/10 oz Krugerrand charging the highest premium proportionately. What that means is that you want to buy the largest Kruger you can afford to minimize the portion of your investment spent on items other than the actual gold content. So if you could afford an ounce of gold, you would look to buy a 1 oz Krugerrand as opposed to two half ounce Krugerrands. The easiest way to figure out what the premium is on a regular circulated Krugerrand would be to check out our current Krugerrand Price page. Here you can see what Krugerrands are selling for on eBay today, and also you can see the price of five or so dealers to make a comparison. When you check the dealer prices, be sure to read the fine print carefully, many of them list a bulk price- or a price you have to multiply by a set percentage to get your final total. Also regardless of whether you buy from a dealer or online, be sure to account for shipping, handling and insurance fees.

If you prefer to do the research yourself manually, you can see what the completed prices are for Krugerrand listings by going to eBay. Once there, you'll need to log in with your account. For some odd reason, eBay does not allow you to view completed listings unless you have an account. If you don't have an account, go ahead and create one, it's free. Enter the size of Krugerrand you are looking for into the search box- for example "1/4 oz Krugerrand" and click search. On the left hand column, about midway down you'll see a "Preferences" box. Inside that box is another labeled "show only". You want to click the box next to "Completed Listings". Once you click the box, the page will reload and you can see the completed listings- they show the price in green and also have a little green box that says "sold". Subtract the spot price from this number and you know the premium. As for checking dealer prices, let your fingers do the walking and call a few.

So now you know how much a krugerrand is worth if it's been circulated- what about uncirculated or a proof Krugerrand? These special Krugerrands are minted to have an additional numismatic value- or a value for collectors on top of the gold value. Both uncirculated and proof krugers have a limited mintage, or number of coins produced. The proofs also have quite a bit of special handling. The Rand Refinery specially polishes the blanks. Then the press operator at the mint hand loads the blanks, which are then double stamped to produce the highest quality impression on the coin. They also have special features to set them apart- for example a frosted finish, as well as more reeds on the edge of the coin. Proofs sets will also usually come with a numbered certificate of authenticity. All of these factors add up to scarcity, and scarcity leads to a higher price. If you're looking to buy a Kruger for collecting, your best bet is to spend some time with a dealer specializing in krugers, and understand not only the current value, but how well it has historically held that value, so that you can get your full investment back if you decide to sell. This is less of a concern with a circulated kruger, since they are a fairly standardized commodity. If you would like to see what the current auctions look like we've included some links for you to look at below. The next time someone asks "How much is a Krugerrand Worth?" you'll know the answer!

Krugerrand Auctions
Buy 1 oz Gold Krugerrand
Buy 1/2 oz Gold Krugerrand
Buy 1/4 oz Gold Krugerrand
Buy 1/10 oz Gold Krugerrand
Buy Proof Gold Krugerrand
Krugerrand Sets and Lots
Krugerrand Tester


Gold Party Time

Very informative article never realized the amount of differences between Krugerrands. The ebay info is also interesting. Thanks for the post.

Kobie Nel

I have a 2001 1/10oz Krugerrand. What is the value for this now? And where in Cape Town can I excange?




Hi Kobie-

Sorry, you got caught in the spam filter. As of 21 Apr, 1/10 oz Krugerrands were going for $121 – $127. You can sell krugerrands on eBay.

Diane Strong

Very interesting to read this. I have a one oz piece in a necklace (heavy gold chain), is eBay the best place to sell something like this? Thanks, Diane


Hi Diane-

With a combination piece, I’d figure out the value of the Kruger, then the value of the weight of the gold- jewelers have scales and most will give you an estimate. Once you have both, I’d visit a few jewelers prior to listing on eBay- that way you have a good idea of what price you’re looking to sell. You may find a jeweler gives you a better price, but I’ve had very good luck with eBay. Also, if you get written estimates on value, they can help support the value of the auction.


informative article
i have a 1 oz krugerrand, would it be better to sell it on ebay or with a cash for gold type of thing? i am not really familiar with value of gold or how much it sells for.


Hi Jacqueline-

Of the two choices I’d definitely go with selling it on eBay rather than a cash for gold sale. At a pawn shop or one of those gold clearing houses you are probably not going to get as much for your gold as on eBay, where many people bid for your coin. If you check here it shows what the Krugerrands have been going for lately, as well as having a link to check some dealer prices. We also have an article on How to Sell a Krugerrand on eBay. Good luck, gold’s high right now and you should get a fine price.


I have a 1982 1/10oz Krugerrand. What is the value for this now?


Hi Rosemary-

Assuming it’s not a proof or collector’s coin, yesterday a 1/10oz Kruger went for about $128 on eBay. You can always check prices on the Krugerrand price page here.

Phil Balyeat

Before I can sell 1-oz Kruggerands in my possession I must, for IRS info, know the value on Feb. 7, 2009, the date of my brother’s death. Please help me.

I also need on the same date, value of 200-piece set of Franklin Mint “History of the USA”-each piece 1.3 Oz. Thank You


Hi Phil, that’s a tough one. As far as I know, there’s not a resource that shows the daily historic price of Krugerrands. The closest you could get would be to run an advanced search at ebay, and tick the include “completed” listings, which will show you what the price is in the free market, but last time I checked you’ll only get about 30 days historic data, which has well expired since Feb of last year. There is however, very good records of the historic spot prices of gold, which you can view at kitco. I suspect you should be able to take that spot price, and a small percentage for premium and come up with an estimated price. Talk to a professional accountant, they can certainly advise you on tax law better than we can, and may have come upon this situation before. 🙂 I can’t provide any price info on the History of the USA set, sorry.

UPDATE: There is now an eBook available which answers this question, check out Selling Krugerrands.


i have a 1973 10.0Z kruger rand and would like to know the value of such a coin please


Hi Andre-

Assuming it’s not a proof or special edition coin, yesterday a 1 oz Kruger went for about $1200 on eBay. You can always check the Krugerrand Price here at Gold Krugerrand Ferret, just click that link or select Gold Krugerrand Price from the menu at the top of the page, which also has links to what dealers are selling Krugerrands at as well.


Would like to know the value of 1, 1/2 and 1/4 oz’s krugerrands plz


As of 21 June:

– 1 oz is going for about $1300
– 1/2 oz is going for about $700
– 1/10 is about $150

As you can see the smaller Krugerrands are more expensive- which is due to the premium we mention in the article. We have the current free market prices (ie ebay, spot) Krugerrand Price here at Gold Krugerrand Ferret, just click that link or select Gold Krugerrand Price from the menu at the top of the page. Spot price is available at the widget on the left. A few dealer prices are also listed under that first link…


Hi iv got 5. Krugerrand 2009 and i dnt know wher 2 sell them. My no 0832086709


Hi Neo-

We usually see the best return on sales on eBay, but be sure to account for ebay and paypal fees. Did an article you can read for details at: Selling Krugerrands on eBay.


I am interested in investing in gold, could you forward me information.

My father also has kruger rands, where could we go to get a true value for them.



Hi Marita-

Gold can be a fascinating hobby. As for more information, you’ll need to do some homework on your own, or find a reputable financial adviser. Been thinking about writing and ebook, but haven’t really had the time to do so. Things to think about include: What are my financial goals in investing in gold? Am I interested in the collectibility of gold coins, or simply a store of value (if so you may want to check into other investment vehicles, such as bullion)? How much do I have to spend? Is this a one time purchase, or should I acquire gold over time? You get the idea. Like anything in life the more planning you put into it the better the result.

As for true value, there’s a few ways you can go about figuring that you. You can figure that out for yourself using our tips above. You can go to a reputable dealer and ask. Our favorite is to check the price they’re selling for on eBay, which is basically the Krugerrand’s current market price.

Aubrey Simpson

My workplace has offered me an award for long service of anything I want for £1000. I was thinking of buying kruggerands since they could possibly increase in value over time. Would kruggerands (possibly in a display case) be a good investment in gold or is there another type of gold investment that might be better? Would I be able to buy a single large one for £1000 or would it have to be several smaller ones?


Hi Aubrey-

Congratulations on your award, and kudos for thinking about turning it into an investment. I checked eBay UK previous day’s completed auctions, and it looks like you can get a 1 oz gold krugerrand for around £1000. It’s a good idea to buy the largest kruger you can afford, as proportionally the premium is higher on the fractals (smaller coins)- you get more gold for you money with the heavier coins. As for whether the Kruger is the best investment vehicle, obviously we’re biased. What you can do is check the spot price of gold (either right here in the little window on the left or any major newspaper), and compare that to the selling price of the coin you’re interested in. The difference is the premium, and that will vary from coin to coin and among sizes.


I would like to start investing in kruger randsor valuable coins (SA) but am unsure where to start.


Hi JB-

A good place to start with Krugerrands is to take a trip down to a local coin dealer. Take a look at his stock, and get some prices. Next up check on the eBay prices, and decide what you budget is, and how much you would like to purchase. A fact few people realize is that proportionally the premium is higher on smaller Krugerrands, so it pays to buy the largest coin you can afford. We have a number of articles on Krugerrand throughout the site- you’d probably be interested in Krugerrand History and Buy Krugerrands on eBay as a start.

davis wingate

my grandpa passed and we found that he had 20 1 ounce krugerrands


Hello Davis-

Very sorry for your loss. The bright side gold is at all time high, your Grandfather left the family a nice legacy.


I have a 1977 1 oz South Africa krugerrand. I want to know how much it is worth?


If i missed it on the site, I apologize for the question but what about pricing on silver Krugerrands? I have a 1 oz. and am wondering about it.


@24K – You seem to know your stuff! Looking through some of my father’s old things I stumbled upon a 1970 1oz. Gold Krugerrand! I really don’t have a need to keep it so naturally, I want to sell it. Before I do I am doing some research. There does not seem to be much information on the web as to the value depending on the year it was minted. I’m assuming that older coins have a higher return. I also saw that 1970 is the first year they were produced in mass. I believe it was about 211,000 minted. Still, this is small compared to the following years. Also, I see the prices fluctuate depending on the current market value of gold. So, there seems to be many factors contributing the the overall value of these coins! Since I am not really coin savvy, can you please give me an approximate value of this particular coin?


Hello I have a kruggerand coin 1979 1oz.and was wondering
If I should trade in or sell on eBay? And the value of coin? I’m
not very familiar with Gold!

Thank you,


Hi Ellie- assuming your coin isn’t a proof or special edition, it’s worth about $1450.

Hi Paul – Krugerrands were minted as a bullion investment vehicle, so there’s not as many collectibles as you would think. There’s the proofs of course, and the mint sets, and some special edition sports after 2000 or so. Also there’s the 20th (1987) and 30th anniversaries (1997). Anyway, they were first struck in 1967, and you are correct, according the the Standard Catalog of World Coins for 2010 in 1970 they struck about 211,000, not including proofs. If you think you have something besides a circulation coin, by all means run it by a dealer first, but usually proofs will have a certificate from SAGCE (South African Gold Coin Exchange). If we’re not talking proof (they made 10,000 that year), you’re looking at the same number as Ellie’s coin, $1450 give or take. Remember we’re trading for bullion rather than collectibility most of the time. If you’re looking for information about proof Krugerands, there’s a great article here.

Hi Chrissy- welcome, you’ve come to the right place. If it’s not a proof (see comment above), that latest price on eBay, $1450 is a good place to start. As for where to sell, generally speaking we see the best prices for sellers on eBay- since it’s an auction buyers don’t let them go too cheaply. It certainly doesn’t hurt to take it to a dealer and ask- you don’t have to take their offer and it’s nice to get a second opinion. You may also want to take a look at our article on How to Sell Krugerrands on eBay. I get this question fairly regularly, I’m working on ebook on selling Krugerrands, I’ll be sure to post when it’s available.

You can always check the latest prices here at: Krugerrand Prices


Hi TLSmith- The South African Mint has never released Silver Krugerrands, officially they don’t exist. What you probably have is a private mintage, which *may* be silver. If so, silver is going for $20 a troy ounce today.


I have an African krugarand gold piece. I am wondering what it cost to sell?


Hi Eleanor-

Depends on where you sell it. Many people make the most money off an eBay sale, but depending on his stock and the gold spot, you may do better with a dealer. You can see the answer to Neo’s question above, and there’s eBook available which goes into a lot more detail on the sales process, check out Selling Krugerrands.

Kristin Kuchem

I bought some Krugerrand 1 oz. coins. When I received my delivery, 1 coin was slightly different in size from the others. That one coin was minted in 1970. The others are all after 1990. Were the coins larger in 1970? Does it change the value of the coin?


Hi Kristin –
The dimensions on all the Krugerrands should be the same- take it to a dealer and have it professionally verified, or at the very least run it through a Fisch tester.


hi could you give me some advice please,am after investing 20.000gbp into gold ,are coins my best option or bullion also which coins are best, ive gathererd 1oz coins seem to get most gold for money but which coins are the best investment kind regards john



Ik lees overal op internet dat 1 oz kruggerrands 33,91 gr wegen ! Nu is mijn vraag of er misschien speciale versies zijn uitgebracht of dergelijke daar ik in het bezit ben van 1 kruggerrand 1 oz van 1983 met een gewicht van 37,11 gram ?


Can you reccomend a place in san francisco to cash a krugerrand?

Yvonne C. Seaman

I got 1×1/4 1980 kruger rand and 2 x 1/10 1981 kruger rand pieces what are they worth now please?


Hi Johnny-

Of course we’re prejudiced toward Krugerrands, but when you’re spending that kind of money, it makes sense to minimize the amount of money that you’re spending on premium (much like buying a larger size Krugerrand instead of a fractal.) I would take the spot price of gold, and then use our eBay close price page and compare the different prices across the variety of coins, particularly gold bullion. Once you have a favorite, I’d talk to at least two dealers and maybe an investment counselor, just to make sure I had my bases covered. Like everything in life, comparison shopping can save you money.


Hi Ali-

The easiest way to find a dealer is to grab the phone book and check out coin dealers. Seems counter intuitive in today’s technological age, but many dealers are not online. Just a guess, but it seems many of them are older, and they haven’t quite embraced the internet yet. Anyway, once you have a dealer, you can check them out online at the BBB, and also many belong to the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. One note though, while very convenient, if you sell to a dealer you will probably make less profit than selling on eBay. You may want to check out the ebook on Selling Krugerrands for details.


Hi Yvonne-
Let’s see, a 1/4 oz Krugers are going for about $400 now, and the 1/10 oz Krugerrands are about $160.


Hi Steve-

Google translate identifies your language as Dutch, and translates it to English as:

I read everywhere on the web 1 oz 33.91 g kruggerrands roads! Now my question if there might be special versions are released or the like since I am in possession of a kruggerrand 1 oz of 1983 with a weight of 37.11 grams?
Yours truly,

If I read that right, you have a 37.11g Krugerrand from 1983, and are wondering if they released a heavier version. According to my Standard Catalog of World Coins, I see a mintage of 3 million or so regular Krugerrands, 19 thousand proofs- no special editions beyond that. The mint specifications state a 1 oz Krugerrand should be 33.930 g. Something is definitely wrong, check all the dimensions, or grab a Fisch tester.

Here that is in Dutch, I suspect it may be slightly mauled…
Sorry als dit verkeerd vertaald, maar hopelijk is het duidelijk genoeg om te begrijpen. Als ik lees dat recht, je hebt een 37.11g Krugerrand uit 1983, en vragen zich af of brachten ze een zwaardere versie. Volgens mijn Standard Catalog of World Coins, zie ik een oplage van 3 miljoen of een zodanige regelmaat Krugerrands, 19 duizend bewijzen-geen speciale edities verder dan dat. De mint specificaties staat een 1 oz Krugerrand moet 33.930 g. Er is duidelijk iets mis, controleer alle dimensies, of een Fisch tester te grijpen.


What is a 1/10 krugeran in a ring setting worth 1985.


Hi Stuart-

The 1/10th Krugerrand is going for about $160 right now. With a combination piece such as a ring setting, you need to determine the value of the setting as well. The quality and weight of the bezel can be worth as much as the fractal Krugerrand- take it to a jeweler and get the bezel weighed/appraised.

joost Bartels

Hi, we got a krugerrand from 1975 marked 1 oz fine gold.

Someone wanted to buy this for 500$, but we got a bad feeling. Someone know what’s it’s worth?
Thank you


Hi Joost-

DON’T SELL FOR $500, it is worth considerably more. eBay prices today (April 21) for a 1 oz Krugerrand are over $1500. Gold is at record highs.


Kobie Nel

Are you till looking for a buyer for your 2001 kugerrand??

Ive been searching for a 2001.
please tell if you still have it



my ant has a 1/10 oz and it is dated 1994 does it have valu? if so does centemental valu count?


Hi Jeanette-

The 1/10oz Krugerrands are going for about $165 on ebay this week, should be accurate unless it’s a proof krugerrand. You can tell a proof by it’s mirrored/frosted finish, they also typically come in presentation case, and some have a certificate of authenticity. Odds are you have a regular circulation Kruger, which is just traded for it’s gold bullion value.

As for sentimental value, it doesn’t affect the price of the Kruger per say, but I have seen some folks look for a specific year based on a gift recipient’s birthday. Of course the sentimental value of the buyer, rather than the seller, would matter. 🙂

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