How Many Reeds on a 1 oz Krugerrand?

1 oz gold krugerrand close upSo we received a question from a reader about the number of reeds on a Krugerrand. According to the South African Mint, there are 180 reeds on a regular 1 oz Krugerrand and 220 on a proof (although there are some proofs with fewer than 220 but never less than 180). Anyway, our reader believes he has a 1 oz with 150 reeds. Doing a little digging, I turned up this thread, where the author believes he has either a 150 or 160 reed Krugerrand. It's actually a fairly detailed discussion, and shows some forethought in the counting of the reeds. I was curious, so I drove cross town to the safety deposit box and pulled out a dozen or so of the Krugers we have on hand, and lo and behold they're 160 reeds.

Now my eyes aren't what the used to be, so using the method recommended in the thread, I counted the reeds from the first "A" in Africa to the last "A" in Africa- they make a nice little pointers. I also used the tip of a pin along the reeds, so there's a little physical feedback from reed to reed to to assist in the count. I get 19 or 20 depending on where you say the reeds are in relation the the "A"s. If you count the reeds in the picture in the top left (click it for full size) you'll see what I'm talking about. So it looks like I have Krugerrands with 160 serrations. For those of you with 1 oz Krugerrands, what's your count from A to A? Going to poll the rest of the family as well, but would be nice to hear from some other parts of the country/world to see if the results are the same. Now if you don't have 180 serrations, don't panic. My Krugerrands all pass the Fisch Tester, so they're gold based on diameter, width and weight. The only other metals that could pass the test would be a few radioactive ones, and tungsten- and there have been no reported tungsten fakes I know of (Tungsten is difficult to work cold). So really the question at issue becomes is there a counting error on our part, or a misprint on the statistics from the mint? Please vote in our poll below, and comment if you have one with 180 or more reeds.

Voting Now Closed. The results were 75% of readers (a little over 300 or so) have 160 reeds- the mint information is in fact...gasp...wrong.


Lawrence Chard

You were on the right track, but it seemed to peter out and become a little inconclusive. We have done some research about edge serrations, and published our initial findings here: with a clear picture. More to follow.


Hey Thanks Lawrence- so it looks like your research shows 160 reeds as the answer, and I went back and counted again on 7 of mine, 160 is looking good. However we still have some dissenting opinions in the poll and on Google in general. What kills me is the mint is…gasp… wrong. 🙂

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