Krugerrand CloseSouth African Krugerrands- even the name excites the imagination. The first Krugerrands were struck in 1967 to market one of South Africa's natural resources- gold. Among the many things that make them special is the fact there's not a denomination on them- rather a weight. The first coins were a troy ounce, and the coin was slightly overweight so that owner held in their hand one full troy ounce of pure gold. (Krugerrands are actually gold alloys- 100% gold would be too soft and everyday wear would scratch them. In case you're curious, they add copper to give it that rich golden color). At Gold Krugerrand Ferret you can learn about these fascinating coins- and maybe even pick one up for yourself.

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Hi I have a 1967 Krugerrand 1 oz fine gold Coin. I’m aware of what it has on the 1 side of it (a deer of some sort) however on the flip side, If it is to be Real, what would it be?

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