Heirlooms – A Gift for Generations

KrugerrandI still remember my first Krugerrand- it's more summers ago than I care to admit, but one day when I was about eight, my grandfather sat me on his knee and told me he was going to give me something. With my eight-year-old mind I thought of all sorts of wonderful possibilities- candy, a new baseball, or maybe that fishing rod he was hinting about. He pulled a shiny gold coin out of his pocket. "What's that?" I asked. "Sunshine in your future." You may not understand it yet, but there are some things in this life that are timeless. Gold will always have value. But you don't get to keep it- your Dad will. "Why?", I asked. Because someday you'll need it, and little boys sometimes misplace things. I was indignant, and then distracted by the additional gift he had. Candy. Years go by, and I had forgotten that day- until at my high school graduation my father handed me an envelope with ten Krugerrands in it. Grandpa was gone, but Dad said, "He's here now, and it's time you had this." My Krugerrands went for a car- had I had a little more maturity I might have held on to them. Fortunately for me Dad did have that maturity, and quite more of them went to pay for college. We still have a few in the family, and I look forward sitting my grandson on my knee and doing the same thing- so he has sunshine in his future too.

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