Sell Krugerrands on eBay, Part 2 of 2

This is the conclusion of our two part article on How To Sell Krugerands on eBay. If you came here via a search engine, you can read the beginning of the article at: Sell Krugerrands on eBay, Part 1 of 2.

Finding the Right Title Keywords, Price, and Listing Information to Sell Krugerrands
Hammertap is an eBay analytics programs that allows you to run queries against the auctions on eBay over the last 30 days (or last year for comparison), and from that information you can determine the optimum days to start your auction, end your auction, which categories to list your auction in, and what keywords increase your chance to sell. It's also an invaluable tool for determining what is selling on eBay and at what price. While I use the tool regularly and recommend it, this article isn't about mastering Hammertap, so I'll give brief overview of how I use it, and not go into great detail about say, things like eliminating outliers (which, by the way, is very important!). Hammertap has great documentation, and if you'd like to get more detail than I present here you can check out the webinars on the Hammertap site. We do make a small commission as an affiliate- however you can get a free 10 day trial and decide for yourself if it's valuable- like everything on the web, do your research and make informed decisions.

The first thing we did was do a search on the keyword "Krugerrand" for sales in the last 30 days on eBay. Hammertap dutifully goes out and retrieves all 1681 listings, and tells us that about 67% sold, and 33% didn't. Hammertap Listing Success RateThat's not too bad, but we can do better. We're going to refine our search a bit more by looking at keyword recommendations shortly. At this point we should mention that we deliberately kept the query general because we have several sizes of Krugerrand we could sell. If we were going to sell, say a 1/4 oz Krugerrand, We would have started with that as our term. Using the "What Title Keywords Should I Use" button, then setting filters to match average price and % sold, we see that more money can be made by including keywords that include gold, 1, and oz. Ah ha. So the one ounce Krugerrands are selling well. Next up would be the 1/10 oz Krugerrands, so we would have a better chance of selling those. So now we plug in "1 oz gold krugerrand" in the search terms. This time it brings back 506 listings, with an 85% listing success rate. Looking better. Back to the title keywords tool, and we can see than 100 auctions had a 92% success rate for having "bullion" in the title. The same for "fine", 93 auctions had a 92% listing success rate. So our final keyword rich title listing would be something along the lines of: 1 oz gold krugerrand, 22K fine bullion. Hammertap also says we'll see the best results by listing our auction on Tuesday, and ending it Wednesday between 3 and 4 pm. Oh, and that the average price 1 oz Krugerrands went for is about $850, and we should list it in Coins & Paper Money>Coins: World>Africa>Other. Pretty valuable intel, huh?

Okay, we have a good title- now how about the description? Well in effect, you're writing an ad. You want to motivate your readers to bid- to do that you need to make sure that your description reads well. Take a look at the current listings and see what the competition looks like. You want a conversational tone to your writing, and make sure to include all the relevant details- ie things like the date of the coin, etc. If you're selling a few coins you may mention why, to add a personal touch. When I sold my first Krugerrands I bought a car- so that would be a fun piece of information to include. It's certainly not necessary, but a well written description which reads like it's coming from a real person will sell better than a formal diatribe. Include shipping costs, I've found it is a nice incentive to offer free shipping. Do make sure to include insurance, if a Krugerrand disappears having insurance makes things much less complicated for everyone involved. Offer a 100% refund if the buyer isn't satisfied, you want to make sure you keep your eBay reputation as high as possible, because future buyers will definitely be checking your feedback score.

There you have it- selling Krugerrands on eBay doesn't have be an ordeal, with a little planning and research you can make it a quick- and profitable, endeavor.

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