Sell Krugerrands on eBay, Part 1 of 2

Ready to sell Krugerrands on eBay? It's actually pretty straightforward, however there are some tips that can help you maximize your profits. To begin with, know what your Krugerrands are worth. You can check the gold Krugerrand price right here on Gold Krugerrand Ferret. Now would also be a good time to look at some current listings, take a look at Krugerrands at Auction for the size and type of coin you're going sell. It's also a good idea to get some dealer quotes as well, visiting in person is great, however some dealers will give you an idea of what they will purchase a Krugerrand for over the phone. A little research up front ensures you won't leave money on the table. Okay, so now you know how much other people sell Krugerrands for on eBay- however you need to know a little bit about how eBay, and Paypal charge. Take a look at eBay's schedule of fees (as of February 18th, 2009, there's new (lower!) picture fees). Here are the Paypal fees. You can do math yourself, or if you google "ebay fee calculator" there are some calculators out there that will figure it out for you. Just a rough ballpark, on a 1 oz gold Krugerrand, you're looking at about $40 in eBay fees and $30 in Paypal fees. Subtract that from the selling price on eBay and decide if that's adequate profit to motivate you to sell Krugerrands. If so, the next step is building that listing.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words- Or Maybe a Thousand Dollars
1-4-oz-krugerrand-sprinbok-sideTaking a good photograph is important. Take the time to clean your Krugerrand, usually a soft cloth is all you need. If you see any imperfections, it's a good idea to take note of those and list them in the auction. It's unlikely they're going to affect the value of a Krugerrand that has been in circulation, and it builds buyer trust to mention them up front. The buyer will notice, most people go over an eBay purchase very closely!

Select a good quality background. For most pictures two simple white poster boards will do. Since Krugerrands are coppery gold, they look nice on a black background, I've also had good luck with dark green as well. Use your imagination, but try to keep the background fairly simple, and make sure the focus is the Kruger. There shouldn't be anything else in the picture to distract the buyer.

The best looking photographs on eBay are taken with a good quality digital camera. For selling Krugerrands, you want to get several close up pictures, so look for a "Macro" setting on the camera so you can show the maximum detail on your coins. A tripod can make taking pictures much easier- it's frustrating to set up the perfect shot, only get a blurry image because of a little shaking. A tripod ensures you get exactly what you're shooting for, and allows you to change the composition of the picture without having to realign the camera every time. The picture on the left is okay, but if we were going to use it in an auction we'd probably re-shoot to ensure that all the text on the coin is crisp and visible.

Good lighting is key. Many people like taking pictures outside in the sunshine. We've found the best results when we use a light tent, which diffuses the light so you don't end up with reflections in the coin. Try to avoid using a flash- it tends to distort the color and detail in the coin. Take several photos, make sure to get good quality detail shots of the obverse and reverse of the coin. Some people believe Krugerrands are not an attractive- we disagree, a good quality photo, particularly of a proof, is something to behold. Copy the pictures over to your computer, and use photo editing software to clean them up. A little lightening or darkening can really bring out the detail in coin. Save them as jpegs, which give you a good balance of compression and detail.

Sell Krugerrands on eBay, Part 2 of 2


reynard fourie

i would like to know what will i get for a gold kruger rand from 1/10 – 1 onze and also gold 2 rand and sovereign gold coins and 1/2 pond zar from 1896-1897

thank you

Patricia Holt

I have a 1oz 1974 Krugerand,it has been set into a very fancy gold mount and is on a 24 inch gold
chain,I can only presume that the mount and the chain are 9 carat gold.The coin appears to be
totally unmarked or defaced by being set into the mount.I personally,have had this item over 30 years,
and it has never been worn,as it has been locked away in all that time,it is in my eyes ,mint condition.
Could you possibly give me an idea as to it´s current value. Many Thanks,Mrs.Patricia Holt.

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