Krugerrand Specifications

Here are the current Krugerrand specifications from the South African Mint. Using these specifications allows anyone who trades Krugerrands a quick and easy method to verify that you do not have a counterfeit Krugerrand. Gold is a very dense metal, and difficult to fake. For example, the common stand in for gold you hear always hear about is lead. It's actually a very poor choice- if a counterfeiter cast lead into gold plated blanks matching the Krugerrand specifications for diameter and width, it would only be about 66% as heavy as it should be. (Tip: Krugerrands are not pure gold- they are actually 22K. The reason why is they are alloyed with copper to make them more durable, a 24K gold coin could be bent with your fingers- the alloy adds some strength. So each Krugerrand is 11 parts gold to 1 part copper. There is one full ounce of gold in a one ounce Krugerrand, but it is heaver than that in the Krugerrand specifications due to the added copper content.) An informed buyer can measure diameter and width using calipers, or an extremely fine ruler. A good quality digital scale can give an you accurate reading on weight. Measuring width, diameter, shape and weight greatly reduce your chances of receiving a fake. If this sounds like too much work, there's a quick and easy solution do the testing for you- we use a Fisch Instruments tester, you can find one on our Krugerrand tester page.

1 oz Krugerrand Specification

1-oz-gold-krugerrand-springbok-sideGold Content: 1.0 oz, or 31.103 grams.
Weight: 33.930 g
Fineness: 22 carats
Diameter: 32.77 mm
Thickness: 2.84 mm

1/2 oz Krugerrand Specification

1-2-oz-gold-krugerrandGold Content: .5 oz, or 15.552 grams.
Weight: 16.965 g
Fineness: 22 carats
Diameter: 27.07 mm
Thickness: 2.215 mm

1/4 oz Krugerrand Specification

1-4-oz-gold-krugerrand-springbok-sideGold Content: .25 oz, or 7.776 grams.
Weight: 8.482 g
Fineness: 22 carats
Diameter: 22.06 mm
Thickness: 1.888 mm

1/10 oz Krugerrand Specification

1-10-oz-gold-krugerrand-springbok-sideGold Content: .1 oz, or 3.110 grams.
Weight: 3.393 g
Fineness: 22 carats
Diameter: 16.55 mm
Thickness: 1.35 mm

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